Friday, July 2, 2010

Three in a row!!!!!! YEAH!!!!

Holy smokes, a third series that I really like has been licensed within the past two days?!? And it's the second series with substantial yuri content?? *throws flowers for Funimation* Ouch, I just pinched that arm again.... Banzai, banzai, banzai Funi!! \(^o^)/


Shinra said...

Really??? A continue/new Season for Railgun??? I though its an OVA??

XDD If it not Index, and have Yuri, I'll be glad whether if its a Season or OVA or not XD

darkchibi07 said...

I have to say, this year's AX was single-handily utterly, UTTERLY SICK in terms of licenses!!! @_@

Oh god, better start budgeting all this!!!

Katherine said...

@ Shinra- This announcement is just for Funimation licensing the first (ideally, not last *crosses fingers*) season of Railgun. A new "bonus episode" is being bundled with the Railgun visual book being released on July 24, and another OVA is coming out on DVD in Japan on October 29. I share your sentiments- more Railgun!!! XD

@ darkchibi07- Wasn't it?? ^__^ I'm dizzy with glee.

Darky-sama said...

It would be much better if they license the manga

Katherine said...

@ Darky-sama- I actually like the anime a little more at this point. But it would be great to see the manga licensed, also.