Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leaving On A Trip

I'm leaving on a 5 day trip today, so I won't be posting anything new (or replying to comments) from now through Monday. Just letting you know. I'm flying to New Orleans with my dad, since he's playing in the summer 2010 North American Bridge Championships. (Looking forward to some good sightseeing, myself. :3 )

Until Tuesday!


Funs said...

Enjoy Yourself, dear and have a nice trip! (;

Shinra said...

what a coincidence, Im on a trip to Penang n Kuala Lumpur from 14-17 July XDDD Have fun XDD

Katherine said...

@ Funs and Shinra- Thanks! :-) It was a really fun trip. And I hope you enjoyed your trip also, Shinra.