Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wh-wh-what? (Kittsukiboshi OVA)

Yay, another yuri anime! ^^ That, and the fact that the trailer is out already is good news.

Plus, only one person, freelance animator Ishikawa Naoya, directed, wrote, and animated it. It's nice to see a fresh face taking the initiative to produce an independent project. (With as many tasks as he has on his plate, I'm more forgiving than I would normally be of the fact that the art looks rough and unfinished.)

The not-so-good news is that Primastea, the studio releasing Kittsukiboshi, is the same studio that churned out Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako and Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping With Hinako. (Not exactly the best pedigree.)

The story shown in the trailer, about "two girls' "risky" summer vacation together", doesn't look like anything that hasn't already been done to death (and that spit-trail was pretty "bleh"), but I'll check it out. According to the Amazon JP listing, it's 21 minutes long. It could be a cute fluff story. We'll see.

Part 1 of the story is coming out on August 16, and part 2 is coming out next summer. My biggest hope for Kittsukiboshi is that it will help pave the way for more independent yuri anime projects.

Edit @ 11:22 p.m.: I just finished talking on the phone with a friend who is a graphic designer, who also attended animation school for two years, and she was like, "He's doing 20 minutes of animation by himself!? And the writing and directing? Go easy on him. Etc..." In short, I have had the enormity of the amount of work Ishikawa is responsible for on this project soundly drilled into my brain. -_- I'll keep it in mind when I watch the final product.


Tei_Shinra テー 森羅 said...

Oh!!! I heard about Sono Hanabira 3 OVA is releasing on 30 July by ListlessInk, but this!!! XD
WoW!!! July & August will be my fav months now! (Except my birthday on July) ^^

Katherine said...

@ Tei Shinra- Cool, Happy Almost-Birthday! ^^ (My birthday's coming up soon also.) I'm glad to have some new yuri anime premiering this summer (keeping the torch aflame, so to speak)- although I'm interested in this project more than Sono Hanabira.

Sheldor said...

I watched Kittsukiboshi and Sono Hanabira's trailers a few minutes apart. I thought Sono Hanabira's trailer actually looked really good, in contrast Kittsukiboshi's trailer did not.

It's funny one's full on hentai, the other isn't but I can tell you which one made me feel more perverted.

Still as long as there's some yuri on the horizon my morale will be up!

Katherine said...

@ Sheldor- I'm interested in Kittsukiboshi because I'm fascinated by how one person can animate, direct, and write an entire twenty one minute production alone. Even if it weren't yuri, it would still be intriguing. But I'm also definitely looking forward to seeing a new yuri anime that doesn't look really skeevy coming out this summer.

And I should have made myself more clear. "I'm interested in this project more than Sono Hanabira." is my (overly) gentle way of saying, "I'm really not interested in Sono Hanabira." Blame the character designs.

Glo said...

Just thinking about all that work makes my brain hurt.

Kyub ~ said...

Hmm, look interesting. Actually, can be the only "little sister-yuri anime" of Hanabira. |:
I really have no idea if this "Kittsukiboshi" can be a nice project or even can shows a nice story plus proper yuri, however, let's hope for the best.

(; Kyub ~

Katherine said...

@ Kyub- Yes, let's. :) Hopefully it'll be good!