Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not yuri, but I don't really care

 I just finished Angel Beats. It isn't yuri, but I've been a fan-geek for Key's funny, sad, tear-jerker stories since Air. Even though I did cry while watching Air (during a certain death scene at the end), Kanon (the flashback about Sayuri's little brother), and Clannad ~After Story~ (I don't remember which scene it was ^^;;), I never cried during Angel Beats. Not sure if it's just me, or the story. lol*

Even though parts of the story were inconsistent, it definitely tugged at the heart strings and brought me close to breaking out the tissues at key points. (Why do I keep watching shows like that? lol) The saddest scene in the final episode was when the remaining "students" said goodbye after their graduation- and for something of yuri relevance, I know I'm not the only person who remembered Kannazuki no Miko during that final scene. But like all Key shows, Angel Beats also had a healthy sense of humor to keep itself balanced.

So yup- I liked Angel Beats. ^^

Speaking of good shows...
this was my reaction to the selection of new anime shows premiering this summer.

And this was my reaction when I found out that K-ON!! would be going full speed ahead with 26 episodes.

I'm really enjoying the current season- and willing to watch as many episodes as it takes for Houkago Tea Time to reach the Budokan. :)

* I watched Air and Kanon (the KyoAni version) in 2006-2007. I'm hesitant to re-watch either one because I'm afraid that they won't seem as good as when I first watched them. Don't want to ruin those sugar-coated memories. lol

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