Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This has been a very good week to be a Marimite fan

Yes, finally!!!!! XD Now I can watch season 4 on my flat screen (not to mention legally)! I've been waiting for the DVD release date since RightStuf licensed it while it was still airing in winter '09. I wonder if we'll get any nifty tactile "extras" with this box set- even though I'm happy with it either way. Squee, season 4!! <3 ^__^


shinra said...

Hahaha... I downloaded all the seasons + extras but still haven't touched it.

But i'll watch it later after seeing u so happy, i've felt the interest to watch it too. Awww... Wish i have the DVD box too so tat i can watch it on the flat screen... T_T

Katherine said...

@ shinra- *gasp* It's a great show- one of my all-time favorites. XD I hope you like it! *impatiently counting down until s4 DVD release*

Shinra said...

LoL.... After 1 week of Marimite Marathon, I finally finished watching.
All i can say is, I FELL IN LOVE WITH MARIMITE!!!! XD

But S4 ep13 ended like.. too sudden. I get a feeling that 90% chance for S5. (10% maybe n -100% no XD)


Katherine said...

@ Shinra- Kyaa, Yumi and Sachiko!! <3 X3 I'm glad you enjoyed the greatness that is Marimite.

I would love to see more Marimite anime made, but from what I understand, there isn't enough material left in the novels (not counting the side stories, like in the "Margaret and Ribbon" collection) to create a full TV season. But if Studio Deen decided to animate them anyway (maybe in OVA form?), I would be ecstatic. XD

Shinra said...

LoL... so there isn't a confirmation on S5... awwww... wanted to c more Yumi n Sachiko!!! ^^
Well, there should be S5 or OVA... Marimite won't end like this, not without Sachiko Graduate n Yumi becomes Touko's oneesama XD (a imagination of them becomes souer doesn't mean tat its true XD)

Think I'll rewatch it all over again after rewatching Toradora n Ichigo Mashimaro ^^
(more KitaEri, KugiRie, Nabatame Hitomi n Noto Mamiko!!!)