Friday, March 19, 2010

Hyakko News

Good news for Hyakko fans! ^^ It looks like Hyakko, Katou Haruaki's slice- of-life comedy manga that received some yuri fan-buzz when the Hyakko anime aired in fall 2008, has been licensed by CMX, and is due for release on October 19.

The anime was a very close adaptation of (what I've read of) the manga, which runs in Flex Comix's free web magazine, FlexComix Blood.

Hyakko is about four girls (energetic Torako, ojou-sama Tatsuki, quiet Suzume, and timid but cheerful Ayumi) who become friends when they all get lost while searching for their classroom on their first day of high school. Most of the yuri (from what I've seen of the anime and read in the manga) comes from their class president Nene, who identifies as bi. (She's a recurring character, and she first appears in chapter 4.)

There's also a brief gag where Torako tells Suzume that she would be willing to give her her first kiss, and Suzume takes her up on her offer. Nothing really comes of it, though.

I thought Hyakko was okay. I've certainly read better high school slice-of-life series, but I've read worse also. You'll just have to judge for yourself.

It's also pretty interesting that Blue Drop is one of the small handful of Sentai titles getting a dub. I don't normally listen to dubs, but I'm happy about this news because it must mean that Blue Drop sold well enough to justify the cost of a dub. ^^ (And Maria Holic didn't- muahaha.) *mutters* In my ideal world, Glass Mask would sell well enough to get the dub treatment also. *snaps out of delusion* Hopefully Sentai's dubbing will prove lucrative for them.

The new Ikki Tousen XX trailer also looks very...Ikki Tousen. Take that as you will.

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Sapphire said...

Yay! This is great news! Watched first season a while back and really enjoyed the yuri in it. I was sad it ended because it felt so unfinished! Looking forward to this!