Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Fun-Project: First Cosplay

One of the things that I like doing (being a list freak) is creating arbitrary lists of "things to do within so-and-so period of time." Parasailing, kickboxing (hello, next semester), skiing, parachuting, visiting so-and-so place, flying an airplane, getting closure on an old conflict, climbing a mountain (not just any mountain, like the small one near my college; something I can brag about), attending Comiket, etc. As much of an anime geek as I am, I haven't tried cosplay, but I've always wanted to do it eventually.

So, while it isn't remotely like parasailing or mountain climbing, I'm pretty stoked about doing my first cosplay this summer at Miami's Yasumicon. My best friend is also working on her first cosplay (as Bakemonogatari's Senjougahara, complete with stapler), so hopefully we can both attend Yasumicon cosplaying as slightly incredibly cracked fictional characters.

The character who I chose will be easy to do. I picked her because A) I like her, B) she has a distinctive enough look, and C) I don't need a wig- I really don't want to mess with that sort of thing. (For example:

Fushigi Yuugi's Miaka would only satisfy requirements B and C,

and Strawberry Shake Sweet's Julia would only satisfy requisites A and C- as much as I love SSS.)

But I'll leave my cosplay choice as a surprise until the con. Just because. :P

BGM- "Sprinter" by Kalafina


Alkaid said...

Oh my god ;A;

Senjougahara!!! D<
I would so love to cosplay as her <333 Although my hair isn't purple and it's curly T^T (I dont do wigs, yo. xD)

I almost went to Anime Weekend Atlanta (But, I brought a $200 mountain board and $100 worth of pads and a helment, so no go T^T) but I didn't plan on
cosplaying..even though my family is really talented with costumes (yah, weird, huh?) I think I would've went as...heck I don't know. xD Any suggestions for a cosplaying char for a girl with curly hair?

Snark said...

Cosplaying has always been one of those things I've wanted to do, but never really got around to it. The best I've ever done was print out the Laughing Man face from Ghost in the Shell and wearing it as a mask -_-

Anyways, looking forward to seeing your costume when it's unveiled! We demand pictures!

Katherine said...

@ Alkaid- Sure! ^^ Here are some suggestions for characters:

Ochoufujin— Ace wo Nerae
Ora— Clover (by CLAMP)
Reira— NANA
Misato— NANA
Hiro— Hidamari Sketch
Yukari (she has curly hair part of the time)— Paradise Kiss
Himawari— xxxHolic

Hope these help.

@ Snark- Thanks! ^^ I'll put up some photos of my cosplay when I write about the con, although my face will be censored over.