Saturday, November 28, 2009

Comic Ratings, Maid Cafe Temples, and Winter Break

Heading back to college tomorrow. ^^ Thanksgiving break at home has been fun- giddily checking out the holiday sales at the mall, decorating the Christmas tree (and having to re-do the lights after finding that the end of the last string wasn't the side that plugs into the outlet > < *headdesk*), making Thanksgiving pumpkin pie...

Anyway, I found two articles that were pretty interesting, but for entirely different reasons. (Found via Icarus Publishing's blog- which may be nsfw-, via Okazu.)

First, this one, because it made me go: o___O; I don't hate maid cafes (I've been to a couple in Akihabara and enjoyed dining in them- really, they're pretty cute if you ignore some of the clientele-, although whenever I brought anybody else along, they were like "wtf?" lol), and if it's keeping this temple in operation, then that's their sad business. kind of feels like seeing an order of Franciscan sisters running a Hooter's joint to keep one of their spirituality centers operating. >_>;; (I really hate to say it, but now I'm actually mildly interested in this temple. I'll have to ask my anime fan pen pal in Japan if he knows about it.)

The other article is "The Myth of All Ages" at Comics 212. I don't have any snarky comments for this one- it's a really well-written article that any manga/comics fan who's interested in the manga/comics industry might be interested in reading.

 Plus, anybody who visits Afterellen already knows this, but this past week AE began streaming Sasameki Koto! (Just like they did with Aoi Hana this past summer.) It's really cool to see Sasameki Koto getting discovered by more viewers. XD Too bad Crunchyroll isn't streaming Railgun also; the plot's getting really tight.

Finally, can't wait for winter break!! I can watch El Cazador and Blue Drop on DVD,

and finish the series that I've put on hiatus, along with watching Fate/stay night.

CANAAN was my first Type-Moon series, and, since I enjoyed the heck out of it, it piqued my interest in TM's other works, hence my interest in Kara no Kyoukai (which I've finished by now- it was awesome XD Edit on 12/05: Whoops, bakabakashii. > < I should say that I finished the movies that are out right now. There's still that one last movie.), and now Fate.

Won't have as much time for posts from now until winter break begins on December 23. Finals aplenty~

BGM- "Chain" by Ohara Sayaka


Nelligrand said...

To be honest, the maid temple thing doesn't really come as much of a shock after the infamous Lucky Star shrine, actually, anything related to maid whatever doesn't really shock me after having read the Maid RPG book (yes, it exists, yes, it came from Japan, yes, it's completely absurd, no, I haven't actually been able to get my friends to sit down and play it... yet). It is a bit sad though that it had to come to that, but since we're living in... interesting times... even these temples have to make ends meet somehow and if that means attracting visitors through usage of maids there then... well, if it works it works.

And good luck with finals.

Katherine said...

@ Nelligrand- Thanks! ^^

Never heard of the Maid RPG book, although it doesn't surprise me at all that one exists. lol I guess Ryohoji temple isn't much more "shocking" than the Washinomiya/Lucky Star shrine (which I never cared about)- the idea of catgirl maids being used to draw otaku to a temple (even if only for a weekend event) just seared my brain a little.

Ghost In The Shell said...

Kara no Kyoukai has the best visual art ever made, but I think it is made mostly by ufotable, it seems TYPE MOON had part only in the first movie, if I'm not mistaken.

Katherine said...

@ Ghost in the Shell- Kara no Kyoukai does have great art (with awesome action scenes!!! XD), but even though ufotable helmed the animation production, since they used Takeuchi Takashi's original character designs and based all of the movies on Nasu Kinoko's novels, that would make TYPE MOON involved (at least indirectly) in all of the KnK movies. (Sorry about the later than usual response.)