Monday, May 25, 2009

Girl Friends chapter 22!!! ^ ^ *convulses with fan glee*

Kyahh!! XD *flails* I just read Girl Friends chapter 22!!!!! All hail Milk Morinaga-sensei!!!! Yes, scanlated... I am lying in wait for volume 3, which should pop up soon, I would think.... After chapter 22 though, I can't wait for volume 4!! @_@ And it'll be at least 7 months, probably, until that volume comes out. ^^ lol I normally would not link to a scanlation site, but... Girl Friends is that darn good. (Edit on 02/03/2009: I've removed the link to the scanlation site.) I did not expect Mari to react that way to what Akko did in chapter 21!! o__o;; *simultaneously screams in frustration and giggles over the greatness of this chapter* If you haven't read Girl Friends yet, or dropped it early on when it seemed like it might stay all doom and gloom, it is so worth it. Hop on the Girl Friends bandwagon, and keep up with the monthly installments of one of the top yuri dramas that everyone in the fandom is keeping an eye on. *prays for an anime adaptation of Girl Friends- hey, it's happening for Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto, right?*

And if you like this fabulous manga, you can buy the volumes here on the Yuricon shop, which is affiliated with Amazon Japan. Here's one unusual analogy I use for people who don't understand the value of purchasing the media that they profess to love: If I were to get hit by a truck and die, Milk Morinaga would lose a small portion of the income that she uses to pay her bills/make more manga. If a random scanlation reader who doesn't buy the manga gets hit by a truck, it's really no loss at all to Morinaga, because that person never supported her work. So don't be a lamprey of the manga world, and support the manga/mangaka that you're a fan of.

*coughs* Anyway, back to Josei Week. ^^;;

BGM- "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" by Utada Hikaru

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