Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yayyy!! ^ ^ Sasameki Koto Anime Character Designs!!

Yes!! Finally!! ^___^ I've been dying to see the character designs for the upcoming Sasameki Koto anime! Like the Aoi Hana website, the Sasameki Koto website has been updated to include the anime character designs for Sumika and Ushio.
*compares anime and manga character designs* I approve! ^^

Unfortunately, the seiyuu cast hasn't been announced yet and the character designs for Tomoe, Miyako, Aoi, Kiyori, etc haven't been shown yet. What I would love to see is an animated trailer, and some sort of airing date. While I'm confident that Aoi Hana is in good hands, I'm a little apprehensive about Sasameki Koto's adaptation, since its director, Eiji Suganuma, has a pretty sparse history of directing. Hopefully he'll do a (very, very) good job of adapting the source material. If not, heads will roll. ^^ (I'm kidding, of course... ^^;;) I should really stop comparing the anime adaptations of Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana, even though I'm doing it almost reflexively... -_-;; (Because I love both manga series equally.) Anyway, I'm massively looking forward to this!!

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