Thursday, February 5, 2009

Strawberry Shake Sweet Chapter 15

Another random SSS pic.

Last night, Lililicious scanlated another slice of manga heaven!! ^___^ I wasn't able to read Strawberry Shake Sweet Chapter 15 right away, but instead used it as (very effective) bait to finish my biology homework in a timely manner.

There were so many great things about this chapter!! XD But my top two favorite little parts were probably Julia's quote, "The stairway to heaven has appeared before me much too soon..." lol and Julia's uh...internal military monologue. lol Plus, the ending was adorable! ^^ Heck, the entire chapter was pure win!!

Short(ish) synopsis: After their awesome mutual confession of love at Zlay's concert, instead of attending the after party, Ran and Julia go to their hotel room and start processing that yes, what happened at the concert really did happen. XD Ran even asks Julia for a kiss to make sure!! ^-^ *squeal* Because Hayashiya-sensei belongs to neither the mincing "middle school-style hand-holding-only" school of yuri, or the tedious "sleep together first, ask questions later" school of yuri, Ran and Julia do consider crossing the big line, but rationally decide not to. Instead they fall asleep holding hands. (So cute!! > <) Meanwhile, Saeki is in a panic trying to hail a cab to... wherever it is that Ran and Julia are because, based on Julia's earlier call to Kaoru for advice, she's afraid of Julia putting the moves on Ran. Oh! And I just remembered another favorite part! > <> <

Rating: What else?! XD 5 out of 5!!

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