Saturday, February 14, 2009

Halfway Through Valentine's Day

The sushi event yesterday was a lot of fun and very well run by the Sazanami Club (they've been doing it for years, so they ought to have it down to a science by now, which they did), so my article was easy to write. I finished writing it this morning and sent it in with photos (since my editor wanted photos). Now I'm on to finishing up my Macroeconomics assignment by the end of today, with my Japanese lit paper planned for tomorrow. I'm feeling better than yesterday even though, for some reason, it's a smidgen harder to talk. Just about every single person in this residential house seems to be sick to some degree, though. (That's the bad thing about living in a dorm. It's like living in a petri dish.) At least my roommate's fine.

And last night I had what was quite possibly the stupidest dream I've had in a while (not the weirdest, just the stupidest). I was in the backyard of this white mansion that had a ton of shubbery (in a neighborhood full of other, similarly shrubbed mansions), and this creepy, pasty kid (think a slightly older, blonde Damien from The Omen) was trying to kill me (he didn't really do anything, I just "knew"), and I ran away while carrying a guinea pig, with another one running behind me. (The guinea pig was hiding in the shrubs where the creepy boy was waiting, but it followed me when I started running. Like hell I was going into those shrubs to get it.) Then I was on a rainy highway at night (with the guinea pigs) wearing a completely different outfit and some random woman picked me up in a car and took me to her house, which was attached to a mall. (But it was dimly lit. Boo.) Then I suddenly had the latest issue of Yuri Hime in my hands and was ecstatic to find that Shizuru Hayashiya had written a special bonus chapter of Strawberry Shake Sweet titled Strawberry Shake Sweet Kiss, but I was pulled away before I could read it. Now if that isn't a loser fan thing, I don't know what is.

Edit at 3:45 p.m.: Eh, who am I kidding... -_-;; a "smidgen harder to talk"? My voice is shot today. Curses on whoever gave me this cold.

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