Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vampire Knight Episode 9

Heh, so many posts these past few days... ^^;; (This blog is in danger of turning into Vampire Knightholics Anonymous.) I just had the opportunity to catch episode 9 of Vampire Knight Guilty, and I thought that I would summarize my reaction to that episode with this pic:

Drat, that picture was supposed to be a gif of Yuuki Cross doing the Caramelldansen dance. ^^;; Well, you get the idea. :) Episode 9 was not only a great episode on its own entertainment/writing/plot merits, but it also dispelled my minor yet niggling fears (triggered by the last episode, despite what Kaname said in it), that VK was going to pull an Angel Sanctuary. Not only that, but prior to this episode I was pulling for Team YuukixZero. Now...honestly, after this episode, I'm stuck between who Yuuki should choose! XD (Zero...Kaname....agghh!!! But it's a happy type of pain. ^^;;)

At this point, Vampire Knight Guilty is the only new anime I'm still interested in following each week. (Although I want to watch the third and final Mai Otome 0~s.ifr- however you spell it- OVA, once it's subbed. I still can't forgive the story writers for naming the principal of Garderobe before Natsuki "Una Shamrock." It sucked all of the cool out of her character. > < style="font-style: italic;">Lucky Charms every time her name gets mentioned.) The rest of the fall 2008 anime, really, I can put off finishing until I have time during winter break. (Yay, marathons! XD) It's not that VK is (objectively) the absolute highest quality series airing this season (that would probably be Mouryou no Hako). I just have to. See. What Happens Next Week!!

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