Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4, and Subsequent Fannishness

Kyaah!! XD The Maria-sama ga Miteru season 4 trailer was released todaaaaay! ^^ posted it on its website. Each new second of Maria-sama animation is like being granted a teasing glimpse of heaven. ^___^ Yes, I'm using hyperbole, but such is the nature of fandom. The animation looks a little better than the previous television seasons (closer to the 3rd season OVA), and of course the art is as beautiful as always. ^^ Today I picked up my Maria-sama ga Miteru season 2 box set at the campus center post office. I don't have time to watch it now, but that's what winter break is for! ^^

And I found a new picture for...

a Maria-sama ga Miteru Christmas album! Perfect for the Maria-sama ga Miteru junkie in anyone's life. (A Christmas album actually makes sense, given the setting.) I'm intrigued as to what it would sound like.


grace said...

oh lucky you to have already received your season 2 boxset! i have yet to get mine. i'm kinda bummed out about that but i know it'll get here soon (that's what i keep telling myself). i hope it'll come in time before my vacation so i too can watch it during my break.

good luck on exams!

Katherine said...

Thanks! ^^ I hope you get your box set soon.