Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oh wow, an anime adaptation of a straight-up (har) yuri manga!

Yay! The Manga Time magazines have printed a boatload of yuri-ish series (pretty much every slice-of-life 4-koma about a bunch of high school girls), but I didn't know Manga Time Kirara Miracle! had a series about an actual couple! And apparently they get together in the first chapter! And there are two volumes out so far! And yeah, I haven't read this, but I'm excited! It could suck, but it could be good! And we haven't had a series about a yuri couple since Sasameki Koto in 2009! And holy crap, I am totally getting Sakura Trick asap just to see what I should expect here.

Sakura Trick is about two best friends who start high school and find themselves assigned to sit far away from each other in their classroom. As they start spending time with new friends, they fear drifting apart and kiss to have something that only they share. Apparently they really like that kiss, because "their relationship deepens" from there, i.e. they become girlfriends. Did I mention that I'm happy about this?

Even if this series isn't good, it's still great to see something like this greenlit, since, if it's successful, it'll encourage anime adaptations of other yuri-centric series. We've had an uptick in canon yuri characters- including couples- lately in series that have done well- like Mouretsu Pirates (couple, plus subtext between others), Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (couple), Psycho-Pass (couple, plus two characters who appear more briefly and arguably another), Jormungand (one character, arguably more), Symphogear (two characters, arguably more), Yuru Yuri (even though it bored me, yeah, pretty much the entire cast here), Railgun (season 2, but still; one character, arguably another too), and Attack on Titan (one character who gets a bigger role later on and may actually get together with the girl she loves *fingers crossed hard that they do and that they don't die*)- and now this! I don't necessarily like all of the characters or series I listed, but I'm still glad for the variety they bring. Here's looking forward to Sakura Trick, and here's hoping it brings something entertaining to the table.


Overlord-G said...

I do not know about you but according to what I heard, it's Yuru Yuri with a canon couple...and I am perfectly fine with this. Yuyushiki is a fun Yuru Yuri clone (Despite your disdain for the show) but I am optimistic that Sakura Trick will deliver.

Heaven knows how long the Nation has been waiting for a Grade 1 Yuri show with a couple that's open to the viewers. Kuttsukiboshi does not count because it's a 2 episode OVA and not a 12-13 episode show.

Katherine Hanson said...

@Overlord-G- Kuttsukiboshi also doesn't count because it's awful. lol But yeah, I'm not forming an opinion of Sakura Trick based on anyone else's opinion- my opinion of it is/will be my own, regardless of who I agree or disagree with. Not that you said that about my opinion, I know. The point is that I'm still looking forward to the Sakura Trick TV series.

Overlord-G said...

I am not the least bit surprised that you disliked Kuttsukiboshi.

I learned that you are a combination of light and uptight regarding your opinion of shows. So you're in the middle. You do not mind light and fluffy, but lean more towards high quality.

Anyhoo, let us anticipate ST with much giddiness-ness-ness.

Jaggyd said...

I gotta agree with you on all counts from the article (and your opinion of Kuttsukiboshi as well). I wish I had the money to finance a season 2+ for Sasameki Koto, but I know that won't happen soon.

I would love to see something like Hanjuku Joshi turned into a TV series.

I'm not sure if you've been following the SNK manga, but it looks like the happy ending for the main yuri pairing may have been dashed. I actually got angry and stormed out of my bedroom to vent, because of it.