Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Webcomic Time: Princess Princess

StrangelyKatie's Princess Princess webcomic is a parfait of delightful, topped with awesome and sprinkled with a liberal amount of squee. It is also complete at forty-two pages, so it's a great choice if you're looking for a webcomic that's not long, with a clear beginning, middle and end, as befitting a fairytale.

One day, cross-dressing Princess Amira, riding her trusty steed Celeste, hears someone screaming and comes across another princess locked in a tower. Princess Sadie was in fact trying to sing, not scream, and is like, "Oh meh, another prince here to save me?" Amira tells her that she is actually a princess, and she has a grappling hook. Sadie agrees to be rescued, but of course, things don't go as expected.

Turns out Sadie's older sister put her in the tower after their father died since she saw Sadie as a threat to her power as queen. Sadie kept sabotaging the princes who came to rescue her because she was afraid of what her sister might do if she got out. But she trusts Amira's promise to protect her and there's some chemistry between them, so off they go away from the tower. Sadie and Amira rescue a prince who becomes a friend and traveling companion of theirs and save a village from an ogre, once again using some unconventional methods.

Sadie's sister has Amira abducted to lure Sadie back so she can lock her away again. (You'd think she could have just abducted Sadie, but it's a handwave I forgive since it allows Sadie to do the rescuing, in a switch from her and Amira's roles at the beginning.) Of course, things turn out well. The story ends after a pretty great time skip, Amira and Sadie getting their Happily Ever After.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this webcomic. It's fun, the characters (save for Sadie's sister, naturally) are likeable, and Sadie and Amira make an adorable couple. And as I've mentioned about 20,000 times here, I have a weakness for fairytale tropes given a lesbian spin- in this case, a light, tongue-in-cheek take on the fairytale formula.

You can only read part of Princess Princess on its SmackJeeves site and its author's DeviantArt page, but the entire thing is here on the Tumblr its author set up for it. Reading it on Tumblr also allows you to see some cute bonus art of Amira and Sadie (like this Sailor Moon parody) and wallpapers, as well as some neat fan art made by other folks who like it.


Overlord-G said...

Many thanks for the recommendation dood. I'll be sure to give the webcomic a go. I've already bookmarked it.

Katherine Hanson said...

@Overlord-G- You're welcome! ^^ I hope you enjoy it.