Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trip Pics

Yup, I'm alive.

My trip was a lot of fun- especially since it was my first time in all of the sites I visited. I'm posting photos from the trip here, under the jump, for anyone who wants to see them. You'll finally get a real post within the next couple days.

From Prague, where I stayed a few days before taking a bus to where the cruise ship was docked, in Nuremberg:
Couldn't resist the shot below, what with the beautiful pink moon above the city. The Charles Bridge is the prettiest place to go in Prague at night- although the entire city is lovely lit up.
I love old architecture in general, but I find old religious buildings especially interesting.
While in the Czech Republic, I visited the former concentration camp of Terezin. As much as one might read about the Holocaust or watch documentaries and movies about it, nothing makes it hit one's gut quite like walking where the victims once walked.

Next, from Nuremberg:

Then Regensburg:

A stop at the Weltenburger Kloster, where I had some tasty beer in its beer garden. Weltenburger is one of those delightful abbeys that has been making its own alcohol since medieval times. I got a couple of beer steins + a Christmas tree ornament there.
A view of the Danube on the way to the boat I rode back to the cruise ship.

Then Kelheim:
So much foam- you can tell how often I've poured beer from a bottle. This is at another beer garden.

After getting drunk, my drinking companion and I stumbled around Kelheim and made it to the ship three minutes before it was to leave dock. The ramp for walking onto the ship was gone, so she and I jumped onto the railing and climbed over it.

I have two other Kelheim photos, but I'm like "Hurrrr durrrrrr im drunktrgsr4rfw3" in them. Sorry, Kelheim.

I forgot to recharge my camera's battery the night before I walked around Passau, so I don't have any photos of it. ^_^; Someone else from my cruise kindly agreed to email me his Passau photos, but hasn't sent them yet.

Next up, the town of Melk, where I visited another snazzy abbey.

Then Vienna:
Here we have Schönbrunn Palace.
Behind the palace, in the garden area.

And last but not least, Budapest:
 The next two photos are of Holocaust memorials- each leaf on the Tree of Life has a Holocaust victim's name inscribed on it, and the bronze shoes lined along the Danube's bank represent the shoes that Holocaust victims were ordered to remove before being shot there.
Back in the castle district, I caught the changing of the guard at Buda Castle.
And I was kind of amused by this- from the bestseller shelves in a bookstore in Budapest. (There is NO ESCAPE, evidently.)

That's it!


Steven said...

Wow, those are some nice pictures. Old buildings that have stood the test of time are always impressive, though I think equally impressive are the ruins of those that didn't. Ireland is a good place for those. Thanks for sharing your trip pictures.
Also, night photography is a pain without a tripod for those long exposures isn't it?

Note on pouring beer from a bottle: A friend of mine with an interest in bartending told me once that the trick to it is to angle the glass that you're pouring into (~30-40 degrees I think) and pour the beer so that it slides down the side of the glass.

Katherine Hanson said...

@Steven- Glad you enjoyed them! I haven't been to Ireland (although I've been to England), but I'd love to go someday.

Yeah, I'm no expert at photography. lol I just brought my Canon PowerShot A2300 and snapped away.

And thank you! =) I shall keep that tip in mind.

Yukimi said...

Hey! Those are pretty good photographs :) I haven't been to most of those places and I live in Europe XP

Next year, come to Seville in Spain and we'll give you a tour of the city :P

Katherine Hanson said...

@Yukimi- Thank you! =) Glad you like the photos- I can't resist taking a million pictures on trips. lol

And haha, thanks!