Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank you, Type-Moon and Urobuchi Gen, for the wonderful that was this week's Fate/Zero episode

If you have watched F/Z's most recent episode and you know why I'm obsessing over this show, you'll know why this episode was like Christmas. (Bless Type-Moon's penchant for creating cool, kick ass women.) Here's this week's recap!

And more fan art:

And a comic from pixiv, translated.
Saber: "I will fully protect you, princess." ("Kimi no subete watashi ga mamoru, koushu" <- This is one of those sentences that sounds awkward if you translate it too literally. "I will protect everything about you"...? "I will protect every part of you"...? "I will protect all of you"...? >_>;)

Irisviel: "Goodness, Saber..." ("Mou Saber tara")

Irisviel: "Me, a princess..." ("Koushu nande...")
Saber: *staaaare* (*jiー*)

Saber: *smirk* (*niya*)

And a gif, for anyone else who finds amusement in the crap drunk people do.

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