Friday, April 6, 2012

A short, fluffy Strawberry Shake Sweet fanfic

I just re-discovered a Strawberry Shake Sweet fanfic that I wrote in my freshman year of college. As far as fanfic I've written goes, this one isn't too embarrassing. ^_^;;; So, I'm willing to re-print it here. (With a few minor edits to make it read less awkwardly.) It doesn't have a title, and it's all ages-appropriate.

Tucking her cell phone into her handbag, Julia had to restrain herself from dashing madly down the sidewalk to meet with Ran. They had made a date to visit the Hama Rikyu garden and take a boat from there to Asakusa for dinner at a chic Italian restaurant that Julia had visited with Saeki before Ran came back to Japan. Julia was nearly late for the train because Shanghai-san had called her into his office to introduce her to a new client. At this point Julia was adept at masking her impatience, and Saeki later praised her for landing another job, but that was moot compared to her single-minded need to catch the train and make the date on time.

Julia’s heart felt like a piece of ice melting rapidly away as she saw Ran waiting by the park entrance. “Julia-san!” Ran flashed a brilliant smile. Julia flushed and only saw a world of white haze surrounding Ranran. “Hiii!” Julia responded. “Sorry I’m late!” She hadn’t been able to check the time yet when she arrived. “Eh? Don’t worry, you’re on time, as always, Julia-san. Shall we go?” Even though Ran wasn’t a talent anymore, but was studying for her college entrance exams like Julia, she still looked like a model. Last week, when they had run into Saeki at the movies, Saeki reflexively thought, “They’re a good-looking couple,” before realizing that she had let her guard down yet again and grudgingly split the cost of snacks with Kaoru.

Julia insisted on paying for the tickets, and Ran grabbed her hand as they entered the garden. The evening breeze was balmy and temperate, making Ran’s soft shoulder-length hair wave gracefully (as Julia duly noted). The trees were resplendent with multi-colored autumn leaves, and the moon could be seen faintly over the Shiodome skyline next to the park. It was a perfect evening.

They took their time looking at the foliage and admiring how the view of the pond was enhanced by the impending twilight. At one point they sat down on a bench and, after checking to make sure nobody was around, Julia leaned against Ran’s shoulder before resting her head in Ran’s lap. She drank in her fill of watching Ran, with the scarlet and gold leaves above her. After a few minutes of holding hands while Julia rested like that, Ran leaned in for a kiss before one of the branches snapped off of the tree and landed next to the bench, jolting Julia and Ran out of their reverie.

Spotting a noisy group approaching in the distance, they both got up and began strolling towards the teahouse without having to say where they were going. 

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