Monday, December 12, 2011

Bet you can't tell what this is about: Girl x Girl x Boy

Fuuka likes Riri, Riri likes Itta, and Itta likes Fuuka.

In grade school, Riri protected Fuuka from bullies, including Itta, and Fuuka's gratitude turned into a crush. Now in high school, Itta's a decent guy- decent enough to not be homophobic after he finds out about Fuuka's feelings for Riri. (Even if he is stupid enough to be like, "So will you give me a chance?" after he sees Riri break off her and Fuuka's more-than-friends-but-less-than-lovers relationship.) They all agree to spend time together as a group until two of them pair off. After Riri takes the three of them to a love hotel to scare Fuuka away, she admits to Itta that she always loved Fuuka, but is scared of what their future as a couple would be like. After seeing a special on TV showing a lesbian couple that gave up their families' support to be together, Riri pretended to like Itta because she thought it would make Fuuka give up on her, which she thought would be better for both of them.

After the love hotel incident, the three of them stop speaking to each other. Fuuka cuts her hair short and forces herself to date an obnoxious male sempai. Itta evolves from decent to awesome by trying to bring Fuuka and Riri together, so that Fuuka can be happy.

Fuuka breaks up with the obnoxious sempai, who overhears Fuuka and Itta talking about Fuuka's feelings for Riri. He barges into Fuuka, Riri, and Itta's classroom to out Fuuka and Riri, but Fuuka stops him and talks him out of it, proving that she isn't as weak as Riri thought. Fuuka, Riri, and Itta all make up, and Riri and Fuuka end up as a happy couple with Itta as a supportive friend. The author points out that Fuuka and Riri will always be together and friends with Itta, and Itta will get a cute girlfriend in college.

I like this story quite a bit. There's a certain sincerity...or something, that makes it a heart-squeezing read. I like how all of the characters grow (Riri's love winning over her fear, Fuuka's gratitude for protection changing into real love and a willingness to protect Riri herself, and Itta's selfishness changing to selflessness) and how believable they feel as high schoolers caught in a wonky love situation. And, of course, I think the ending's great. lol GirlxGirlxBoy isn't ambitious, but it's a sweet little romantic drama that treats all of its characters- even the losers- well.

Story: Fuuka likes Riri. Riri likes Fuuka. Itta evolves from a roadblock to a supportive friend. The end. B+
Art: Expressive, but kind of sketchy. B-
Overall: A-


Yukimi said...

It sounds very cool ^__^ I don't know exactly why but it brought up to mind the love triangle of Last Friends (which had a good resolution but not entire satisfying because I was rooting for Ruka's love and it felt a bit sad that they all loved the one who didn't love them back that way... although they did end up forming a very loving family :P).

I've been curious to know if there are serious manga about polyamorous relationships. When I didn't knwo what the manga was about I thought it might be about that XD

It certainly sounds like a cute sweet story. I'll have to give it a read

Katherine Hanson said...

@Yukimi- It is worth reading. (^_^)b

Haha, yeah, if only the relationships in Last Friends had resolved in such a yuri-friendly way. For whatever problems Last Friends had, as you said, Ruka, Michiru, and Takeru did form a nice, Ruka came out a lot better than Sousuke.)