Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yuri Panel Coming Up At ConBust- Get it while it's hot!!

As a heads up for anyone who will be in the area that weekend, I'm holding a yuri panel this year at ConBust, my college's annual geekdom con. The time and date haven't been set yet but I'll post them as soon as I know!

Here's a list of the panels that have been confirmed for this year (they aren't on the website since the schedule isn't finished yet, but the Panels Committee gave me a hearty thumbs up for publicizing it):

Anime 101
Anthropology in Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Bad Endings to Good Books
Believable Villains
Building a Better Mousetrap: Believable Sci-Fi Gadgets
Character Building 101
Characters and Creators: Women in Video Games
Children's Fairytales
Culture in the Round: Building Workable Worlds, Civilizations, and Cultures
Dragons Are Awesome
Fanfiction Writing Roundtable
Geeks in Love
Gender Bending in Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Hero, Protagonist
High Fantasy
How Magic Works: Constructing a workable magic system
Interstellar Governments
LGBTQIPAOMGWTF: Queer Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Anime
Mutant Ninja Nipple Eating Starfish (B-Movies- yeah!!!!)
Religion in Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Romance, Eroticism, and the Demon Lover
Running a Roleplaying Game
Scenes from a Hat: "Three things" stories for grown ups
Star Wars
Steampunk 101
Suspension of Disbelief
The Geek Canon (Great works that every good geek should know)
The Publishing Industry
Urban Fantasy
Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Writing Believable Fight Scenes
Xenobiology (Bring an Ewok, get a t-shirt)
Young Adult Fiction
Yuri Panel (a.k.a. The best panel ever.)
Jackpot, Tiger: Women in Superhero Comics

Can't wait! I always have fun doing this panel, and I know that the staff at ConBust will be easy to work with. (Especially since they know how to label their rooms and none of them are tittering man-children who hit on the panelists. Hahaha.) Again, I'll post about my panel more when there's more to post. ^_^

And tomorrow's the last day of winter break! I'm taking a direct flight up north tomorrow- not too early, thankfully.


Erin said...

Some of these panels sound really interesting. Hope you have fun, and good luck with your yuri panel!

Katherine Hanson said...

Thanks Erin! :-) This year I'm going to make more of an effort to visit other panels.

P.S. said...

That's an impressive mix of diverse topics that ConBust is holding.

What I found interesting about ConBurst was it's mission statement, something that I've never seen or heard of before.

Hope your panel goes well, hope you have fun there too.

Katherine Hanson said...

@P.S.- Thanks! ^^

The students who run ConBust take a lot of pride in the (as you noted, unique) point of their mission statement. (Although given our college's "Yay, feminism!" slant, it's to be expected.) I'm glad you noticed it.