Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another new favorite: K-ON!!

This is going to be a really, really cheesy review.

K-ON!! is a parcel of joy wrapped in a warm blanket of sweetness and goofy silliness. (I can expect a cutting, Mio-like remark from my best friend when she reads that opening. ^^;)

Where the first season follows Yui, Ritsu, Mugi, and Mio's first two years in high school in 13 episodes, this season details their senior year of high school in 26 episodes. These girls do pretty much everything- going on a field trip to Kyoto, camping out at a rock festival with Sawa-chan-sensei, screwing around at a home superstore (and everywhere else), trying different instruments (well, Ritsu does), holding a party with the Mio Fan Club, thinking about what they want to do in the future, entering a talent show, participating in their class's performance of "Romeo and Juliet" (directed by Mugi, starring Ritsu as Juliet, Mio as Romeo, and Yui as Tree G and a bush), doing their last music show at the school cultural festival, preparing for yearbook photos, racing for the last mochi, creating a promo video for their club, sweating over getting into their top choice of university (and getting in! their choices for where to go for college made me want to high five all of them- which would make sense to people who know what type of college I go to), etc.

I love how K-ON focuses on these characters just going through high school. Not "Romance romance romance, angst, oh look, we have graduation coming up also. Romance." or "Supernatural super-power hijinks, oh what, we have class?" There's nothing wrong with a good high school romance or fantasy series, but K-ON's take on the high school years is refreshing to me. It's silly, funny, frequently sweet, warm and low-key, finding enjoyment in time spent with good friends. These girls go together like the ingredients in a tasty recipe- it's impossible to imagine them, at this point, without each other.

Story: A
Art: B+
Overall: A

Looking forward to the upcoming movie!


P.S. said...

Despite a negative opinion from a friend, I ended up enjoying this show.

The artwork reminded me of The Sacred Blacksmith, a fantasy series that was not quite as fun as this show.

Katherine said...

Glad you ended up liking it. :-) It's definitely not a series for everyone (although you'd be hard-pressed to find one that is), but I enjoyed it plenty.

I haven't watched The Sacred Blacksmith, but I've seen its promo art. I can see the similarities.

Duskren said...

Ahh K-On, I was wondering when you were gonna get to this one. Surprised though that it was a little bit of late, seeing as EVERYONE and their mom has been talking about it for the last year and a half. Mio-fans be crazy!

I really loved it myself. It wasn't really something to give much thought about and just something to just sit and enjoy you know? I loved Mio and Ritsu, in fact...those two are alot like my best friend and I. When I showed my friend the series, she practically fell in love with Mio. So much that she even cosplayed her at NDK. About 15+ pictures were taken that day... Anyhoot, its something that you can look at with a group of friends not be all hoity-toity about it. Slice of life doesn't always need to be so logical in terms of cuteness!

Glad you liked the series, Kat! I think my jaw dropped when I saw the "K-On Movie Confirmed!" at the end of the extra ep. Yet, it didn't surprise me completely. With as much fanbase as this series has? Three words: Saw it coming!

Anonymous said...

yeah..k-on definitely is one of my fav anime...the strong friendship remind me how value my friends are to me..i adore yui.since her personality makes me feel happy..:3

Katherine said...

@Duskren- Me too, I was like, "OMG A MOVIE?!", even though I already know that it's incredibly popular. (Hoping it'll do well on R1 DVD.)

And yes, K-ON is a great series to just kick back and relax with. My best friend's a Mio also...although when we screw around I feel more like a Yui than a Ritsu. (I do like bugging her in a Ritsu-like fashion at times, though.) lol

I reviewed the first season quite a while ago...long enough that I actually disagree with much of my own review (e.g. I would give it a higher grade and not especially care about pairing up anyone), but here it is if you still want to read it.

@Anon- Totally agree. ^^