Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Manga Recon's Conbust 2009 Review

Sweeet! ^^ One of the social chairs for the Smith College Sci-fi and Fantasy Society sent me a link via Facebook to Melinda Beasi's review of Conbust at Manga Recon, including a nice review of my yuri panel! It was an interesting read on the con as a whole. (And not only because it mentions my panel. ^^) I've been invited to do a yuri panel at next year's Conbust, which I would be happy to do.

Additionally, Melinda Beasi's review of Conbust made me realize that I should have brought a different mental approach to the con. I expected it to adhere more closely to my expectations (anime and manga) without meeting the intended focus of the con halfway and giving the sci-fi and fantasy themed events more of a chance, and as a result, I was somewhat disappointed in my experience. So next year, I'll give the sci-fi/fantasy aspect more of a fair shot without bringing the same "I'm an anime fan! Cater to my expectations!!" mindset. More anime and manga content is, of course, welcome. (And I agree with Ms. Beasi, how could the gender-bender panel not include anime?) But next year I'll attend Conbust with the expectation of enjoying it for what it is instead of what I think it should be.

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