Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strawberry Shake Sweet Chapter 13

Lililicious just released chapter 13 of Strawberry Shake Sweet!!! XD Praise be to their name!!!!!!! (Or rather, names!!!!!!) Mwahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!! This was an amazing chapter!! The best yet!! The only awkward part was when my dad walked into the office while I was giggling while hunched over the computer reading page 7. >.> (He acted like he didn't see/hear anything, but I refuse to believe it!) Anyway, this chapter was yet another installment of the rom-com brilliance that is Strawberry Shake Sweet, with Julia and Ran being roped into performing as the opening act in Zlay's concert, and being told that they have to kiss as a part of their performance. (Thank you, yuri gods!! Or goddesses!! Or yuri deities!!! Whatever!! Thank youuuu!!!) Julia and Ran come SO. CLOSE. TO CONFESSING!! I need to read the next chapter a.s.a.p.!! There honestly wasn't any one moment that I could single out as my favorite shining moment. That's how damn good this is. If any yuri fan hasn't read this, they must either read it, or turn in their yuri fan card. (Just kidding about that last part... kind of.) And content aside, it's pretty remarkable to see how Hayashiya Shizuru's art style has refined and improved over the time that she's drawn Strawberry Shake Sweet (even though it was always good). The line-work is more clean and crisp, and subsequently, the character designs are more refined. (Plus, I love Julia and Ran's stylish gothic lolita outfits.) This series is solid win, and this chapter is no different.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. More subjectively, 5!!!!


deanbcurtis said...

Big kitty/little kitty. There are many reasons why Ryou is one of the greatest characters ever. And that would be one of them.

Katherine Hanson said...

Hear hear! ^^ I <3 Ryou.