Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mōryō no Hako: Anticipation of Awesomeness

Ding! Ding!! Ding!!! We have a WINNAH!!! While reading Carlo Santos' review of the first episode of Mōryō no Hako on Anime News Network's Fall 2008 Anime Preview Guide (after Casey Brienza's excellent review), I came across this all too brief yet telling passage: "Mōryō no Hako's first episode is 15-20 minutes of the most heart-achingly beautiful yuri ever animated, bookended by some ... other things, like plot developments. Yes, those developments are probably the important part going forward—a decapitated head in a box in the first scene, a creepy doll that shows up midway, a tragedy that destroys a friendship in the finale—but the stuff in the middle is what will stick long afterward."

I am there. Screw La Corda D'Oro and Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de (another title I've begun casually viewing, based on a renai computer game aimed at girls/rip-off of Fushigi Yuugi). Enough with the insipid, saccharine, fan pandering bishonen fests. This is the friggin' real deal, and I look forward with the anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve to the first episode of this delightfully twisted looking anime horror tale (with yuri as icing). ^^

I plan to watch the first episode of Mōryō no Hako tomorrow, as I have a test tomorrow that I'm going to begin studying for in a few minutes. (Viewing this series will be my reward. :) )

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